Which buildings? Introducing Architecture Travels

There are many excellent buildings worth visiting around the world. Architecture Travels selectively profiles key buildings in different countries around the world to create something of a hit-list of buildings to visit when travelling.

History, architecture, and culture

Buildings profiled on Architecture Travels are selected based on three criteria:

  • historic interest
  • architectural uniqueness
  • cultural significance

For example the Santa Maria Sopra Minerva is included not as an indication that it is the finest church in Rome, there are many outstanding historic churches throughout the city, but because it is the only Gothic church in Rome. As such it is both architecturally and historically significant. Similarly, while the Şakirin Mosque in Istanbul is a fascinating example of a contemporary mosque this alone would not normally merit inclusion. It is however thought to be the first, and perhaps only, mosque in the world to be designed by a female architect, giving it a particular cultural uniqueness. Hence it is listed.

It’s about architecture

This website is fundamentally about architecture so a few buildings are included because of their specific significance in architectural theory. For example the Sainsbury Wing in London, designed by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, epitomises many of the philosophies that they advocated in their seminal books on architectural thinking: Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture and Learning from Las Vegas. It is therefore included purely for architectural interest.

You can join  in too

If you would like to suggest ideas for buildings to feature, do a bit of writing for Architecture Travels, or are a keen photographer, do get in touch.

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