Rosalind Alexander

Rosalind Alexander


Currently studying architecture at the University of Dundee, Rosalind Alexander has a background in dance and the arts. She has been blogging for the University of Dundee for two years and also enjoys writing regularly for Architecture Travels and her own blog. In June 2014, Rosalind participated in ManTownHuman’s international Critical Subjects Summer School, where she was selected as one of 30 students to participate in debates on subjects surrounding contemporary architecture. This has fuelled her interests in debate and current affairs.


Key interests: architectural philosophical principles, the public’s tangible experiences of architecture, the use of light, architecture in relation to politics, architecture in relation to psychology and health, progressive technology

Favourite books: The Seven Lamps of Architecture, From Bauhaus to Our House

Favourite city: London

Random fact: I am learning Greek.

Find me: at,, or discussing food with anyone and everyone!