Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng


Andrew Ng is the creator and editor of Architecture Travels. He is an architecture graduate from the University of Dundee, completing his master’s degree in 2014, and has worked on projects for a number of private and commercial clients in the UK and Asia. His research projects include exploring the work of William Playfair in the context of the Scottish Enlightenment, the writings and work of Robert Venturi, and architectural systems for the design of urban blocks. Alongside his university studies, Andrew has worked on marketing, analysis, and strategy projects for companies including Microsoft, the Scottish Institute for Enterprise, and Articulate Marketing.


Key interests: Historicism and the city. The narrative of architectural expression, symbolism, and place. Contemporary architecture and culture.

Favourite books: In Praise of Shadows, Essays in Architectural Criticism: Modern Architecture and Historical Change

Favourite city: Berlin

Random fact: I love tiramisu.

Find me: at, or chillin’ at a Café Nero.