Architecture Books

Architecture Books

Enjoying Architecture Travels? You’ll probably also enjoy these architecture books.

We’ve chosen them because of what they say about the buildings and cities around us, both at home and abroad.


Arts and Crafts Architecture

A beautifully illustrated book, Peter Davey has produced what can justifiably be described as the finest book to date dedicated to the Arts and Crafts movement in architecture.

Buy Arts and Crafts Architecture on Amazon, and enjoy exploring the principles that shaped the Arts and Crafts movement in the UK and further afield.


The Classical Language of Architecture

John Summerson’s tour de force in Classical architecture, documenting the expressive rules of architectural form and ornamentation. The writing provides a fascinating historical context for an architectural age that continues to shape how we make buildings today.

Buy The Classical Language of Architecture on Amazon, it makes a superb travelling companion when visiting Rome or Istanbul.


Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture

Robert Venturi’s seminal text that laid the foundations for the emergence of Post-Modernism in architecture. A striking critique of the Modernist movement, written with flair and illustrated with countless photographs, this book has fundamentally shaped our understanding of architecture today.

Buy Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture on Amazon, to find out more about what happened after Modernism.


Essays in Architectural Criticism

Amongst the most significant critiques of Modernism and Post-Modernism, Colquhoun presents an analysis of both philosophies in the context how history and its interpretation. Our editor Andrew Ng shares his thoughts on Essays in Architectural Criticism.

Buy Essays in Architectural Criticism or Collected Essays in Architectural Criticism on Amazon, to find out more about the emergence of ‘modern’ architecture.


In Praise of Shadows

An extended essay from one of Japan’s foremost writers, In Praise of Shadows is a charming and insightful narrative on the painful loss of craft as Japan imported new ideas from the West. Our editor Andrew Ng shares his thoughts on In Praise of Shadows.

Buy In Praise of Shadows on Amazon, and enjoy this poetically written essay that reveals much about the nature of ‘progress’ in art and architecture.


The Making of Classical Edinburgh

Exploring the social, economic, and architectural context of the time, The Making of Classical Edinburgh presents a comprehensive overview of the changes taking place in Scotland’s capital as the New Town was planned and built.

Buy The Making of Classical Edinburgh on Amazon, for an insightful read when planning a trip to Edinburgh.

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